Meredith, I think you must have an IQ of at least 150.

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So true .. and some narcissistic abusers act from an automatic, undeveloped, almost artificial-intelligence like programming, that's not necessarily evil.  

Yes, recognize evil, and also recognize when something may be not quite evil, but not coming from integrity, not trustworthy ... not capable of being trustworthy.  Radical acceptance.  

Once the media went crazy for horse de-wormer, I realized nothing, at all, ever, unless serious amends made, could I trust from mainstream or "progressive" media.   I didn't trust most of them before then, but didn't know how disgusting the media's willingness to lie was until a bit late in covid, seeing how they treated the covid docs.

The "news" may say something true once in awhile, but if something's true, it would be in other places also. Substack.

Sad backwards world, where people believe Wikipedia about the covid heroes, and won't listen to someone who made an analogy they don't agree with in 2020, but will listen to talking heads who were so wrong about everything.

Likely, neurologic injury has a lot to do with a lot ... As the wonderful Dr Toby Rogers often says ~ https://tobyrogers.substack.com/p/initial-thoughts-on-bidens-state

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Dear Meredith, great Essay as always. You wrote something very important here: " other people are feeling a sense of background anxiety building the longer this time of perceived normality continues because we know this is an illusion and the abuse is far from over." This statement describes exaktly how I feel, and I had to cry as I read your lines because for a long time now, I felt being understood. Even my friends "from the movement" look at me kind of strange and suprised as I tell them it is definitely NOT over, just because we don't have mandates at the moment (I live in Austria). I would be interested in reading about a strategy how to cope with this anxiety, when you are in the eye of the storm and you dont know what comes up next. Maybe you find the time and write about it on your substack once. A big THANK YOU for your great work! Warm regards, eva

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"How many big influencers see the truth but are still silent about everything" - The Tongue Biter from The Circle of Slaves. Can you blame them? If they don't submit to the system, they're out of there and likely further punished from it. Not just shadow banned, outright attacked and cancelled. The system can always find someone else to take their place, it was designed in such a way to ensure they can devalue and discard as needed.

Not everyone is as fortunate as Joe Rogan when targeted by the system. Now that the truth is out there and "we just got lucky" we were right, notice how it's pretended away that the powers that be were guilty of inducing MASS PSYCHOSIS, how now, since they don't want the blame, now no one is to blame or get any credit either, you just got lucky. Implying that they themselves, with their false duality thinking, got unlucky. "We would've been right if you weren't!! Waaahhh, waaahhh!".

Yes, the "experts" were just unlucky, that's what it all comes down to in gaslighting land, not like there was any actual evidence they were censoring and denying. Oh no no no, luck, that's all it is!!!

And the calls to "the greater good" and "call to altruism" from the propaganda articles of the past are still up there, to be taken down when no one is paying attention.


This article was written back in January 2022 before the little acceptance of Ivermectin as a valid form of treatment for COVID by the National Institute of Health. But it couldn't oppose the narrative at the time because that would resolve the problem-reaction-solution they had in mind for you. In order for the "vaccine" to receive emergency approval for usage, there cannot be any effective treatments available. HCG and Ivermectin had to be discredited for the "vaccines" to get their go ahead.

What a coincidence! Just Luck apparently it all worked out for Dr. Fauci, the hero of millions, he said so so it must be true!

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Enjoyed the article very much. As you know I agree with your statements and like you believe more is going on behind the curtain than is seen. I think they are slacking back off their theme songs a bit, to make room for the next venture, that of War. But as you so eloquently put it, they aren’t really singing a new song, but rather moving to the second verse.

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I feel so appreciative of your articles, videos, and speaking the truth. There is evil, the narcissistic abuser/psychopaths in the building I live in. The "management" my parents that murdered the souls (and literal life of one) of their children. Every single enabler in that system valued appearances and their own narcissistic whims above child(ren) in their midst. No care that their not long ago ancestors /relatives were murdered in the Holocaust.

I've been through all of this in my personal life. Thank you for all you do. I started watching your videos on Youtube in / around 2017.

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Io sto cercando le parole per ringraziarti da piu' di un anno. Non trovo quelle giustr che esprimano la mia piu' profonda stima. Mentre qui lo stato violentava le persone e cancellava i diritti nel silenzio di tutto il mondo artistico culturale e perfino del mondo degli psicologi leggere che una persona come te che gia" ammiravo molto stava prendendo posizione e stava avendo il coraggio di chiamare le cose con il loro nome mi ha letteralmente salvato la vita ❤. Credo che non avrei resistito psicologicamente a quel periodo senza te e le altre pochissime persone rimaste non solo lucide ma anche coraggiose. Grazie con tutto il mio cuore. Un abbraccio

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Wonderful. This is a spiritual war, and your wisdom regarding how to fight the abusers is beautiful and powerful. I think you may appreciate my writings: https://open.substack.com/pub/thaddeuskozinski/p/the-death-of-truth?utm_source=direct&r=24l7o&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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Great article Meredith. Yes, they’re counting on wearing us down. It is starting to mentally tax a lot of us fighting a war that our mainstream TV glued family and friends don’t even know we’re fighting! It’s diabolical just how well trained they’ve been by their own enemy. Anyway, here’s my latest offering… https://open.substack.com/pub/johnbotica/p/letter-to-clown-world?utm_source=direct&r=tz7cx&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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Hi Meredith Miller, this article is soooo good. Thank you. I have over the last year been reading Paul Levy's book Wetiko, the mind virus, and his articles that I found on line. Here's a link to the first article https://realitysandwich.com/greatest_epidemic/ ("The greatest epidemic sickness known to humanity.") I'm sure you're familiar with him and his work. I had read a number of years ago about Wetiko, a Native American term for evil forces. I had suspected that so much of what was taking place in our world that was so negative and destructive must have had evil origins of some kind. That's pretty much what I found out. I really appreciate all the advice you give for how to get out of negative circumstances (relationships) with old friends who refuse to question our current predicament, and who don't want to hear a word you have to say about it either. Anyway, your articles are very helpful. Keep 'em coming.

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Fantastic piece, thank you. I am so glad I found you. I am in Australia and have been struggling badly with PTSD because of what we unvaccinated went through. I can identify it, know what it is, yet it's still there. I'm ready to live my life but feel like the sword of Damocles is poised above my head. We got close to something very, very bad in Western Australia and no one is talking about it. https://vicparkpetition.substack.com/p/australian-genocide-in-progress

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Thank you very much Meredith! I am sure big brothers will resume abusing us very soon. Only then we will see who woke up and who is still asleep. I do not see much of awakening here, its like nothing ever happened and all is fantastic now. Hugs!

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This comic from The Oatmeal illustrates what's at work in the "doubling-down" phenomenon. The backfire effect occurs in direct proportion how much distress we feel when our worldview is challenged. This is especially true if the person doing the challenging is in a state of heightened emotion: they become the messenger who gets shot, or the scapegoat in the dysfunctional family, or Cassandra in mythology. The comic presents a scenario where uncomfortable truth is conveyed with good intentions but this process can be deliberately evoked in another person in service of keeping them in the dark.


Thanks Meredith!

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"We don’t unite with the darkness in the world if we want to survive and thrive. Instead, we expose the darkness, both in ourselves and in the world. We purify it first within ourselves by getting our desires in order. Then the wisdom can be integrated internally and applied externally in the world. This is the transmutation process of healing."

Beautiful. Wise. Thank you.

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About the new ICD code for vax status: Ashmedai discovered that Vermont was already including vax status in the cause fields of death certificates before the new code:


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