Hi! I'm looking for a video or a transcript of a JJ Couey interview on Gigaohmbiological with Meredith Miller with the word - psychoneurospiritual" in the title.


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With its thin intellectual veneer, The Atlantic has been an especially smarmy font of propaganda. Thank you, Meredith Miller, for taking the time to deconstruct this with perception and wisdom.

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I was thinking today about the Atlantic’s pandemic amnesty article, written by an arch-propagandist named Emily Oster, and how I had thought it couldn’t get any worse. If you’ve ever read the lurid and nightmarish stories of victims of narcissistic or psychopathic abuse, particularly those abused by a “loved one,” there is nothing worse than the lies, for the lies of the psychopath/narcissist are far worse than ordinary lies. The psychopath/narcissist manages to create a universe of unreality over which he rules absolutely and within which he traps his helpless victims, a universe where good is evil and evil is good, where abuse and cruelty are love and compassion, and where any criticism of or resistance to the torture is abuse and cruelty—he cries out in pain as he strikes you. Reading this article puts you right into this hellish psychic universe of narcissistic deflection.

Consider that the now “apologetic” author was, two years ago, the screaming Karen at the supermarket who wanted you dead because you didn’t have a mask on, the doctor who regularly and casually murdered old people by putting them on ventilators, the school board member who coerced children to receive a poison injection to be able to go to school, the neighbor who made you feel like a disgusting leper, the cowardly employer who destroyed your livelihood. And now she is the psychopath/narcissist court-sophist propagandist gaslighting you into “forgiving her” even though nothing really bad happened and there is actually nothing for which to be forgiven. And, of course, she demands this counterfeit absolution from you so she can do it all over again, which she knows you suspect but asks for it anyway, with a smirk. And if you don’t “put the past behind us,” you’re the malicious abuser and she’s the innocent victim.

The rest: https://thaddeuskozinski.substack.com/p/preparing-for-eternity

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I too found you from Couey's show. Great presentation there and I enjoyed your thoughts on the Atlantic article.

I've too have noticed the connections between the micro and macro, as you put it, over the last few years. It's like we all have the same abusive jerk as our collective Big Daddy figure. But you have articulated it so much more clearly for me.

I've long loved the Pressmans' book on narcissistic families so I was very pleased to find your work:


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Just discovered you with JJ interview and your presentation amazing. What an incredible gift to share with us have tools for understanding and healing the trauma. Priceless! <3

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Brilliantly written, Meredith.

“If we bring a sense of agency and self-responsibility back to we the people, ...”

Any thoughts from your experience with the micro might guide how we can achieve this at a societal level?

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The likes of the Emily Osters of the world have been with us always. 'Twas "the people" who drove this crime. Scum announced their plans to commit the crime and "the people" got behind the wheel and drove the bus right off the cliff.

Speaking of the U.S., the country formerly known as "America," what does it say about a nation that can't rub two brain cells together? The same one that with such eye-watering hubris declares itself "the world's lone superpower" with a population that can be cowed over a possible respiratory infection.

On the subject of admitting things so they can't happen again, the moral turpitude of "the people" who displayed such nauseating cowardice and obedience to the obviously absurd and criminal must be admitted. This conduct made little Emily and her cohort, to whom she directs her tripe, possible. This conduct made little Emily's nauseating missive a predictable sequel to their craven obedience and infidelity to liberty. Most disgraceful coming from "the shining city on a hill."

Admitting this fundamental fact as the driving force must take place or, as you say, the useful idiots like Oster will have at it again, confident that the moral turpitude of "the people" shall act in their favor once more.

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Like George Carlin, I leave the symbols and symbolism to the symbol-minded. That whole light darkness thing is designed to win you over with symbolism, not facts.

Completely agree the author decided to have her son be her human shield, rather than admit any wrongdoing of her own.

There's been quite a few words redefined by abusers, recession, inflation, charity pledge vs donate Amber Heard, gain of function, and vaccine... yeah, the CDC redefined vaccine during the pandemic.. think about that.

Social experiment is putting it lightly, this was an all out attack on whatever freedoms and rights were still being enforced, the children weren't the target this round, they're the end goal for the pedo elite. Weimarica where children will help pay the parents bills through child prostitution.

I agree so much with your article here, It was herd morality that led to the grave moral failing, where obedience is the highest virtue. There are eerie consistency between the Ramussen survey and the Milgram experiment.

“COVID Amnesty” is code for “Forget about our Fascism, Statism, Communism, Tyranny, Crimes Commited, Abuse Inflicted, Totalitarian Propaganda Disinformation PsyOps, the damage, the victims, the livelihoods lost and overall Collectivism we attacked you with”.

It isn't fascism alone , more like Statism based on the collectivist principle that man is the rightless slave of the state and the proof of that is the mandates it enforced and coerced law abiding citizens into.

Under statism, the government is not a policeman, but a legalized criminal that holds the power to use physical force in any manner and for any purpose it pleases against legally disarmed, defenseless victims.

I'm not going to pretend my or your government played no part in this crime and wasn't totalitarian at all. Wasn't Collectivist at all.

Consider the fact PM Trudeau commited federal forfeiture on the mandate protest supporters bank accounts via both freezing and seizing. He took their money and made it so they couldn't have money they earned if it involved a canadian bank. The media still has not covered what became of his victims.

Not to mention the purpose of lockdowns… The human characteristic required by statism is docility, which is the product of hopelessness and intellectual stagnation. Thinking men cannot be ruled; ambitious men do not stagnate. Hence why they don't want you to think or be ambitious.

Tyranny is any political system (whether absolute monarchy or fascism or communism) that does not recognize individual rights. Which again, is something Collectivism relies on, no individual rights. The life of the individual belongs to the group.

We were attacked on all sides and with every form of Collectivism all at once.

As for the Fascism aspect, Fascism is a different flavor of Collectivism so different requirements must be met. I do believe these were also met.

The fascism aspect involves a superior vs inferior dichotomy. It was deployed as a form of social reward for being vaxxed, the false idea that you couldn't get it or spread it was all part of the fascist “I'm superior” lie, and most importantly, fascism needs an enemy, someone to hate. The inferior, which were those who didn't mask or get vaxxed of course… no, they were made out to be seen as vermin who carried the plague … the medical fascists kept extolling this unproven and undefined and false sort of spiritual duty, service and conquest in order to weaponize the idiocy of the useful idiots. The “Stick it to Covid” slogans ring a bell. Get yer jab and yer social status here, don't be filth, don't be the unvaxxed! Do it or lose your job, we're the good guys here! Natural immunity was disregarded by this fascist ideology as it challenged the false narrative the ideology is based on, only recently is natural immunity considered valid science again. There was a big fight over that and there should never have been one as natural immunity was already established to be real.

The Fascist Collectivists absolutely hated it when the unvaxxed decided to call themselves “Pure Bloods”. That directly combated their fascist ideology of who is superior and who is inferior, that's the fascism aspect.

None of this was by accident, calling it a plandemic isn't that far off considering the mass social engineering at play would've taken a long time to cook up. I remember when you couldn't say it was a lab leak. Now magically you're allowed to. Leaked or not, they had a plan and they put it into action. We must never forget.

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To make a good article even better, may I submit the following correction: You wrote “vague words eluding to responsibility” — that should be “alluding” (making an implied reference); “eluding” almost makes sense since you are describing someone trying to “elude” (avoid, escape from) responsibility.

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Wonderful piece Meredith. Call me vengeful, but I will never forget or forgive this Big Pharma, U.S. government-sponsored Holocaust inflicted on people worldwide.

Here's some good news. The judge in Dr. Jay Bhattacharya's case has okayed subpoenaing Fauci. Finally The Angel of Death will be on the witness stand. If he lies, like always, he'll suffer the consequences.

Multiple Scientists Join Lawsuit Against Biden Administration’s Alleged Social Media Censorship on COVID-19

Aug 7, 2022 | In the News

…The New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) joined the lawsuit representing Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a professor of medicine at Stanford University, and Martin Kulldorff, former professor of medicine at Harvard University as well as a former member of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) Vaccine Safety Subgroup. Two more doctors, Jill Hines and Aaron Kheriaty, are also represented by NCLA in the lawsuit…

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Yes Meredith. Thank you for this total demolition of Emily Oster's repugnant plea for amnesty. I will never forget what they did. You are right also that the writer is a skilled gaslighter. She was interviewed on NPR public radio, which aired November 4th. During the interview, she doubled down in a suave snake way, like skilled manipulators always do. Accountability? She pleaded ignorance. She seemed surprised at the backlash received, which was good to hear that it got to her. She simply stated that amnesty is a question of time.

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Forgiveness is against my religion ;)

I will never forget. It is good idea we all keep the evidence of what was said and done - I download and save as much as I can, burn a disc, save on external hard drive or sd card. Print it. Keep a list.

Many thanks Meredith!

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"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." -Vladimir Lenin

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Brilliantly done, Meredith. I cut off my subscription to The Atlantic during the pandemic because I got tired of the propaganda. We have to remember, as Joel Whitney explains in his book Finks: How the CIA Tricked the World's Best Writers, that the media is infiltrated by intelligence operatives promoting their cultural and political agendas. This was already known by 1977 when Carl Bernstein published his exposé in Rolling Stone about CIA media infiltration, but people seem to have forgotten since then. With Professor Oster it's hard to know if she's an actual operative or as you say, one of the many "useful idiots" in academia. Either way, it is evil, and that demands an accounting, not sweeping it under the rug.

My question is: Would it be best to cut off association with such people until they wake up on their own? (I'm thinking of family members.) Or do we keep trying to snap them out of their trance?

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