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Thank you Meredith!

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Thanks, Meredith, this is an excellent essay! Thanks for opening comments up again, also, I really like to read what others are thinking. It somehow adds to my sense of community. We are all in this together, in that way, and we are many.

I found myself taking notes as I read, something I rarely do, but there are many important points here.

Your thoughts about consent naturally brought to mind the last policies from our local school district that silence is consent when giving student vaccines or requiring face masks. Can silence ever be consent, really? At best, it's as you say, marital rape, or in this case, bureaucratic rape.

But, I was encouraged by your description of the Concerto of Deliverance. Pray, Dear God, that we are at that point. And then, that we go past it to what is required to eliminate the abuse and the abusers, collectively, properly.

Anyway, I enjoy your essays very much and am always excited when they show up in my feed. Thanks.

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I'm glad you mentioned that, Dana. I didn't realize that the toxic hope essay I wrote a couple weeks ago had the settings set for no comments. I fixed the settings now.

It's insane that silence is considered consent by some people and thanks for sharing that experience in your school district. From my perspective, the silence is more likely related to the neurological state of immobilization that is caused due to the Stockholm Syndrome's "perceived life threat". I just spoke on this topic during Dr. Reiner Fuellmich's grand jury model proceeding, day 4. Tomorrow I'll write an essay on it.

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This is a fantastic article. Covert abuse is the manufacturing of consent. Even with clear values, the manufacturing of consent can occur when the abuse is disguised to appear to uphold our values. Taking a PCR test for example, I wrongly believe I was testing whether I was contagious for an other person. But, every scientist knows that the PCR amplification cannot determine contagion. Instead of providing an answer, the 'health' professional poked my blood brain barrier with graphene oxide, a dangerous chemical.

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