Random thoughts to follow not in any specific order of importance: thank you so much for your sincere efforts in sharing your knowledge and experience. Hoping someday soon you will be Interviewed by Dr. Jordan Peterson I would very much enjoy hearing that conversation. I would imagine that that relationship could introduce you to more like-minded individuals and intern the attention of all who are ready to awaken from the negative affects of those who would intentionally harm humanity. As I come to my limited understanding of information control And all the myriad of other nefarious technocratic acts against the human race in the 21st-century it would appear to me that on our own It would be next to impossible to resolve. I only see divine intervention, a modern day miracle... maybe the intervention has already begun and maybe God is not ready to remove the angels who have the assignment of holding back the four winds of destruction maybe God is using people like you and many others like you who have the knowledge of truth the courage to share it, The love to sacrifice your time and energy and all the hundreds of millions of average citizens just simply doing the right thing to the best of their ability day by day living their lives in peace sharing their lives with others And setting a good example for others to follow. Truth will always conquer evil... May God bless you and may all mankind benefit from Jesus Christ ransom sacrifice.

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Stockholm Syndrome should really be renamed "Melbourne Syndrome", since #SwedenGotItRight.

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Very well-said, Meredith.

The first casualty is the TRUTH

The second casualty is INNOCENCE

The third casualty is LOVE (in all its forms, all the way down to and including friendship)

And the final casualty is HUMANITY.

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Thank you for this Meredith. After reading your article I deactivated my FB (aka FakeBook) account, it was something I have been wanting to do for years. Your article gave me the courage to finally just do it. I was on that platform for 15+ years. As soon as I closed down my account and disabled the app on my phone, I felt an energy lift I haven't felt in a very long time. My nervous system now has one less thing to "navigate" and be overwhelmed by.

I received this article today and thought you and your subscribers may find it interesting, terrifying, and perhaps empowering: https://mickeyz.substack.com/p/nervous-system-manipulation-by-electromagnetic

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Great article, Meredith. Totally. In their endless quest for dominance, abusers must continuously unleash their all out assault on all means of communications, at all times. In retrospect, throughout my life, at the core of all abuse directed at me, by individuals, corporations or government, there is an attempt at information control, as either an end, or the means to an end. And now, it's happening to everyone simultaneously, worldwide.

Once I worked on a farm. During the work, the man and I had a few interesting conversations, mostly during our freetime, where we realized and admitted to each other how opposite philosophically we were. It was a back and forth of questions and answers, to which the wife had never participated. Having heard of our conversations, one morning during breakfast, the wife ordered me to stop having political discussions with her husband. The castrated husband protested meekly: "What if I want to speak about these subjects?" I told her that I would always feel free to speak freely to any consenting adult, about any topic I choose. Needless to say, my days were numbered on that farm.

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Thank you so much Meredith! Social media is truly evil in my opinion and used to control the mob. I was never much on social media but when plandemic circus started I totally quit and also asked my partner to delete all of my pics from his social media. I can see changes in youtube content - there is literally nothing of a value to watch anymore these days. I think youtube stats like views/subscibers are fake - youtube can control who they promote by simply typing in more digits. I noticed that most known youtubers are very compliant people and promoting the 'green agenda' for some reason haha - of course it is just a coincidence. Search engines are controlled too. And alternative websites are full of agents promoting shape shifting reptilians or aliens to discredit real information. Web is called a web for a reason I guess - to catch the prey.

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El síndrome de Munchausen es un ejemplo perfecto de cómo controlando la información se puede controlar la realidad de una persona, hasta el punto de provocarla o facilitarla, como con el efecto Pigmalión o la profecía autocumplida.

Hay una miniserie que se llama "The act" que trata este tema

Gracias Meredith, eres un referente de ser humano, te admiro

Me alegra cada vez que veo un nuevo articulo tuyo, me siento menos solo

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So chilling and so true. Thank you Meredith for giving such wise insight to the situation humanity finds itself in. I already quit social media, and now I'm on to another of your suggestions--dealing with lifelong trauma.

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Sep 14, 2022Liked by Meredith Miller

I truly appreciate your willingness, ability and courage to continue to say what needs to be said. Thank you for this, Meredith!

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That was comprehensive! Thank you.

I took a double-tap Phizer. I was coerced. They were forcing the elderly to die alone. I fell prey to the idea I might never see my parents again. I will never forget, and I will never trust the medical establishment again.

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My friend who criticized me about questioning the narrative, I told her. It didn’t make sense.

If something doesn’t make sense. Do not override it. Pay attention, ask questions.

When did asking questions become hate speech.

Like why would one trust the same people who funded the bio labs and released it on us, with an internal bio weapon called a Vax?

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Meredith! Goodness, this is where you've been?!

I agree with MAA, you knocked this one out of the park. Reading thru it, I could feel the changes in you, your spirit, your emotions v your thinking.

WOW, just WOW!

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You know when they're using soft language like "building demand" it's gotta be some real nasty stuff behind the scenes.

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You knocked it out of the stadium, once again, Meredith. This is a work of critical thinking beauty, and you not only expose the problems but also offer solutions. Reminds me of the arc from my first essay (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/a-primer-for-the-propagandized) to my 12-step recovery program for menticide:


Also, I think you’d enjoy my exchange with CJ Hopkins in which we discuss reality control:


I’d love to do a Dissident Dialogue with you. Hit me up via email if you’re game.

I’m crashing now so no rush.

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