Wonderful piece, Meredith. The CDC today reports 14,346 people who have died in the U.S. from taking Covid shots. The Nuremburg Code demands that people be informed of the risks of experimental medicines and medical procedures, so they can make an informed decision in their own best interests. I read Alex Berenson's book "Pandemia: How Coronovirus Hysteria Took Over our Government, and Lives." Erika Kraus wrote "Tell Me Everything", which weaves in how complex trauma changes our brains, causing difficulty in thought-processes and decision-making necessary to save us from our abusers. Much love Meredith. I am so grateful to you for helping people like me who have gone through lifelong trauma and are on a path to learn how to live a better life.

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Another insightful peice of writing Meredith. How predictable it is that these technocratic abusers who label those who question their agenda and tactics as being 'damaged' or 'mentally ill' so as to undermine the legitimacy of an individuals belief or opinion. Reacting strongly to this veiled insult (that our poor damaged minds can not discern correctly) would of course be interpreted as confirming their nasty insinuations ...

Let's conserve our energy and choose our battles carefully as this is going to be a very long and bloody war.

Kindest regards to you Meredith.

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Great essay on compliance, Meredith. I love all the hyperlink sources for your article. It was comforting to read the survey from the UK on the compliance resistance in childhood trauma survivors. The writers of the report wrongly assumes that fear is the main motivator for the non-vaccinated. I believe it is not at all FEAR motivating our non-compliance, but a deeply held DESIRE to remain whole, as God created us, sovereign and free as God wished us to be. Thank you also for shining the light on the physical consequences of trauma, introducing dysautonomia, which appears related to neurangiosis, another condition of the autonomic nervous system, stemming from psychological trauma, you referenced a few years ago.

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Joder, gracias por seguir ahí Mera, eres una pura sangre, leyéndote haces reactivar la mía, últimamente no me quedó más remedio que adormecer un poco mis sentidos y mi mente, si seguía expresando lo que pensaba no dejaba de recibir dudas y rechazo por parte de personas cercanas, incluso de grupos de apoyo de supervivientes de traumas, es muy complejo lidiar con la propia sanación de uno y sumarle esto durante tanto tiempo, pero es leerte y mi cuerpo se reactiva de inmediato, la verdad se reconoce, se siente. Gracias por tu valentía, eres necesaria para que otros no nos acabemos por apagar. Te quiero mucho

El síndrome de Estocolmo colectivo al que estamos sometidos es muy desgastador, lo bueno es que lo que sirvió para sanar lo individual, servirá para lo colectivo. En mi caso fue el dolor lo que me hizo despertar, supongo que esto acabará por explotar algún día de manera colectiva también, llevo preparado para eso desde mi infancia.

Ojalá pueda conocerte algún día, me encantaría conversar con alguien como tú.

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Thank you Meredith!

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Your last paragraph is hopeful. Why aren't there more of us who leave their abusers?

re: this paragraph: "I’m not saying that the trauma experts who co-signed this article are abusers. I believe some of them are compassionate people who I learned really valuable information about trauma recovery from and I’m grateful for what they have contributed to the field up until now. Most of those who co-signed this memo are probably enablers who really think they’re doing the right thing, the trauma-informed thing (because how could that be a bad thing?), to get broad buy-in on this “vaccine”, which they were brainwashed to think is a good thing for everyone."

I'll say it. They are also abusers, and they are also responsible. They can't just say "my bad" and continue on.

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I had to come back to re-read this one.

Compliance. Anytime someone tries to force me into something, all my spidy senses tingle. Something about me, I dont know; I never thought of myself as being abused. Traumatized by this effing system, perhaps, but isn't that more of a life condition?

What did the Nazi doctors do afterwards? "The Nazi Doctors" Robert J Lifton. Warning, it's a hefty tome.


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Thank you for sharing your knowledge Meredith. I have been making efforts to connect with family (I have a very small one) in order to stay in relationship with them. They are angry about the choice I have made about not getting an injection. I had thought we could talk (on the phone) about other things and not about our choices around 'Covid'. I have read your piece a few times. When I read...... "Abuse is a disqualifying condition for things to be worked out by talking about the issues", I realized their silence feels like abuse to me. I really had to stop and remind myself that I was making all the effort and getting nothing. I am stunned that my sister could end a relationship of 62 years over personal choices. I am deeply hurt with the lack of connection and acceptance. I now need to focus on healing myself and not using energy to try to heal my family relationships. I appreciate you sharing your 'gifts'.

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