Just read this for the first time. Excellent!

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Thank you for posting. Yuri was warning us...and now we have the playbook...

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Jan 25·edited Jan 25

“Gaslighting is used to cancel your perception of the abuse and the abuser, while at the same time, blaming you as somehow defective for even having such thoughts. So not only do they cancel the abuse, but they also flip it around on you.” Wow. I hope I’m not taking this out of context. Back in ‘21, I was with a family group of 10 and attempted indoor dining but only vaxxed people were allowed indoors. We were denied entrance by two complacent doormen. Whether I read the doormen correctly or not, slightly under my breath out of the men’s earshot I said, “nazis.” No one said anything and the day went on as if all was normal. We ate outdoors at a hotdog stand. A week later, I got a call from a member of the group asking if I was okay. I was told I disrespected the group, I disrespected Jewish people, and I ruined a special day and those poor men at the door were just doing their job. I was told there is something wrong with me and I should apologize.

🤒 ps. I am disappointed this person defended the lockdowns and segregation, and I wish I pushed back more.

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Excellent analysis.

Meanwhile all they can do is babble “Trust the Science.” Now “Doctor” Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton have joined forces to remind us “Trust the Science.” Watch TRUST THE SCIENCE RAG here: https://turfseer.substack.com/p/trust-the-science-rag

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According to wikipedia Yuri B died suddenly from 'massive heart attack'. It is of course not suspicious at all, completely normal - even back then

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Thank You Meredith!

I noticed people here pretend that nothing happened. Covid never happened, quax push never happened (maybe they really forgot?). I was invited for christmas dinner this year but I didnt go because I was feeling sick. Last minute they said 'if you feel unwell don't come'. So it was a peaceful christmas.


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Dec 24, 2022Liked by Meredith Miller

Dear Meredith, your wisdom and knowledge helps me feel sane and come back to balance. I also appreciate many doctors and scientists that are sharing their knowledge yet some of the scientific information is more complex for me to fully understand, though my gut aligns. Most people in my world want to pretend nothing has really happened of significance and we are back to normal. The Substack community and being a member of the Canadian Covid Care Alliance and joining various zoom presentations helps me to feel I am not losing my mind. Thank you for your huge contribution to humanity. I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and Blessings for the New Year.

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I think the abuse has to come this way because there's no more state religion based on old texts.

The science is corrupted too but every "holy book" of history is open to questioning.

That's why there's no witch burnings or lynchings these days...

The ruling class cannot get away with it...

So yes, it's a psychological war. This is the only technology that they have that works. (Gene editing doesn't work, despite their claims.. even crispr failed!)

It's based on what Edward Bernays started decades ago, which started in advertising to trick people into wanting things.

Old tech for people who are changing. Manipulation works, but the victim becomes smarter with time.

More are waking up.

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Gaslighting is a colloquialism, loosely defined as manipulating someone so as to make them question their own reality- W2IKI.

Remember this, Manipulators are among the most clever and devious, accomplished liars.

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Thank you for including Bezmenov's prescient warning; I've shared this with many friends. In a recent fan letter I received for my book Words from the Dead: Relevant Readings in the Covid Age, the letter writer asked: What is my role in all this? What is a 'good person' to do? I responded:

All we have at our disposal is our own life energies. For most of us, affecting the vast sweep of history is simply not an option. I include myself in that as a writer of minor stature in the big picture. Yet this is no reason for giving up. Each of us within our own sphere of influence—family, friends, coworkers, community—has a role to play based on our individual gifts and abilities. Often, simply by our example, the way we choose to conduct ourselves, we have an unspoken influence on others. If we are known as someone who is reliable, truthful, ethical, trustworthy and above all a person of our word, that is pure gold in human terms. Such an example ripples outward as a form of positive energy.

In Voltaire’s famous novel Candide, his hapless character returns home after travelling the world in search of meaning. Having suffered at the hands of the unscrupulous and unethical, he comes to this epiphany at the end: It is best to simply tend your own garden. Just think how the world might change if each individual made it their determination to live ethically and conscientiously, “tending their own garden,” their own small patch of the world. This can be meant both literally—cultivating a garden puts us in relationship with the Earth—and figuratively, taking responsibility to cultivate our own souls to be the best they can possibly be given our limitations. Not making excuses, not taking ethical shortcuts, not selling out to false values, but stepping up to the plate and saying, “I’ll do my very best, whatever that looks like.” That is all anyone can do, and it is everything.

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Such a heartfelt and beautifully written article Meredith!!💪💖 Your insight is deep and wise and your ability to convey your thoughts in writing is truly revolutionary and medicinal all at once - well done! There is no doubt that we are in the midst of some seriously troubling times but it is the warrior spirits like yourself that will forge a path ahead that is lit by LOVE and a fierce belief in the potential to awaken and live our TRUTH!!😍THANK YOU for sharing your voice with the world in this most auspicious of moments in the human story...I am immensely GRATEFUL that you are here and doing your thing!!🤗

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Dec 23, 2022·edited Dec 23, 2022Liked by Meredith Miller

Brilliant piece, Meredith. If gaslighting were energy, every home and business would be heated and cooled, plus every train, plane and automobile fueled. A group of us here in my fair city are trying something revolutionary. If our plan works we will bring people together across race, class and political lines, and have a public-owned free and independent press with a mission to root out and expose corruption at local, state, federal and international levels--all paid for out of the general fund, so no new taxes need to be raised. Wish us luck, these are dangerous times and the ruling elite will not give up their supremacy without an ugly fight.

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I had to write a second comment after listening again to your once censored February 2020 podcast, When Abusers Erase Reality. It's amazing how you process information and are able to decipher so much from the little information we had at the time. Your ability to recognize patterns in human behavior and communication, and draw theories on what was possibly happening, is amazing. Most of what you felt happened in spades. My deepest gratitude to you Meredith for having made it your life's mission to turning on the lights.

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Thank you Meredith for your continuous effort to expose the destroyers of humanity. Reading you is always encouraging. I love that quote from Krishnamurti you that found: "it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." I find myself incapable to be well adjusted to the hell they propose. Today, gaslighting is the norm, appearance is everything, abuse is everywhere, censorship is the key. Something that helps me retain my sanity is, when I can afford the time and energy, to expose the abuse, and the abusers. Thank you for the inspiration. You rock.

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Halfway through reading and I applaud this gem of a post!

Wow, they've actually dared to redefine psychosis so that the beleifs of others are factored into whether you are psychotic.

Think about it, it's no longer your beliefs vs reality. It's your beliefs vs the "groups" beliefs aka their beliefs.

They are trying to erase the very real concept of Mass Psychosis, because under their idea, if the masses all believe the same thing, now the masses aren't psychotic.

I bet it's so they can hold you against your will in their psychiatric hold because your beliefs don't conform to the official narrative. So much for Diversity!!! Thought Crime and Emotion Crimes, you must be pleased with pedos grooming your children like the brainwashed masses or else you are the problem. A problem to be put under involuntary commitment indefinitely.

“Having strong beliefs that are not shared by people in your community” ... Collectivism has ALWAYS been the enemy of individualism. This is a Collectivist tactic. It's a damn good thing I read up on Ayn Rand. Imagine being transported to pedo/cannibal island, where you're the only adult who doesn't like children being raped/eaten.

According to them, you are psychotic now because your beliefs aren't in alignment with The Herd, with The Collective.

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Dec 23, 2022Liked by Meredith Miller

Thank you so very much Meredith for this beautifully written truth email.

When we have been part of a narcissistic family household being gaslighted all your life from all your family members, it becomes very very easy to see it on a world scale. And thank you again for showing us.

Even before the pandemic hit in late 2019 and early 2020 when they were mentioning the coronavirus and then nothing and then pow full blown plandemic. I completely saw it and was hoping the others around me would see it as well but it was not the case. The first thing after March 16I was telling my friends and family.

They managed to put the whole world under house arrest.

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